How soon should I book?
- At least 1 week before your event date is preferred; however we can do most yard card set ups with just a few days notice. All balloon orders require a minimum of a week's notice. We do allow last minute bookings IF we have the availability. Any booking made within 24 hours of an Event date will incur a $25 rush fee.
Can I help you install the sign or balloon display?
No, let us do all the work for you! We ask that no one touches or moves any piece of the display. For yard card displays the only thing we need you to do is make sure the grass is watered the EVENING of the installation. The ground needs to be able to pass the pencil test.
What if I need a specific theme?
-We can have custom themes designed! You must book at least two weeks in advance for all custom themes to insure timely delivery of your items. ** Some character themes are unavailable due to Copyright Infringement Laws.***
When do you set-up the yard card display?
-Set-up will take place anytime between 9 pm and 9 am the day BEFORE your event. So, if you book for a Saturday, your Yard Card will be set-up sometime Friday night or Saturday morning by 9 am.
However, if you want it installed at a specific time, we will attempt to accomadate those requests. 
What if I need it longer for a day?
-We offer 24, 48, and even 72-hour rentals! Each extra day will incur a $25 fee.
Do you need electrical outlets for the spotlights?
-No, we use solar powered lights.
Where are you located and how far do you travel?
- We serve Mobile and parts of Baldwin County. Each setup requires two round trips to your location. Because those miles add up quickly, any address MORE than 20 miles from our service area will require a ONE-TIME travel fee.
20-25 miles = $25
25-30 miles = $30
30-35 miles = $35
35-40 miles = $40
40-45 miles = $45
45-50 miles = $50
What if we’re having a Birthday party? Should I have the Yard Card put out for the Birthday or the party day?
-Having a Yard Card at the party is always great for presentation of your party. Our Yard Cards make for a GREAT photo opportunity for your guests! The Birthday person can still be surprised the morning of the party. You can always book for longer than 24 hours so the Yard Card is there for the actual Birthday and the party.
I have a twin Birthday; how does that work?
-We only charge $8 for an additional name and interest pieces for a twin!
Can I have a Yard Card at a place that’s not my home?
-Yes. If you get permission from a school, business, or other private location, we can install your Yard Card anywhere. All we need is watered grass!
What if there is bad weather or I need to cancel my booking?
- In the event of a severe weather warning (hurricane, lightening, tornado, etc.), you will be issued a full refund or credit for a future booking. Please allow up to 7 days for refunds to be fully processed.
Our signs are waterproof; however, they get damaged in high winds. In the event there is an unusual event of high winds, we may have to cancel your booking.
Please understand that high winds will cause loss of inventory, not to mention the danger of flying stakes.
If this happens, you will be notified immediately and issued a full refund or credit for a future booking If YOU need to cancel your booking, a cancellation fee of $25 will apply to any order canceled within 24 hours of installation date.